Enjoy the convenience of scanning anytime

Anytime and anywhere, scan, save, archive, upload, find, easily collect management information

scanR DocScan

Say goodbye to the tedious operation of the scanner, a mobile phone can do everything anytime, anywhere

OCR recognition, picture to text

Pictures of long text instant text recognition in Many languages such as Chinese, English, Japan and South Korea

AMS Software Photo Collage Creator

Mobile phone shooting documents, automatically remove clutter background to generate HD JPEG images or PDF files

Multiple devices synchronized at any time

Real-time synchronization, backup, reading work can no longer be limited by place and time


Support wireless printing, and can send faxes to many countries and regions around the world

Document sharing and efficient collaboration

Multiple sharing paths, including emails, links, or social accounts like Weibo and wechat to share with friends


Send scanned files anytime, anywhere

It is very needed by office workers, and can easily send scanned files to clients when out of town, and synchronize between different devices

Automatic sharpening and brightening, pictures to PDF

Image scan generates PDF automatically sharpening and brightening, very practical, export ways are also many, but also cloud backup

Typing hand sour students must

With OCR recognition, the picture of the long text instantly changed into text, typing on the hand sour students must

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